Connect items to makes- and models as accessories

Modified on Thu, 14 Sep 2023 at 12:47 PM

Items can be connected to brands and models as accessory items. This makes it easier to find items that match each other and if you use the model search in the webshop, it also gives customers a quick way to find equipment that belongs to specific models.

There are two ways to connect the items with the makes and models.

Either it can be done at the nodes in the make and model register, or you can do it from the item card.

Both require a setup of Step 1 which is described below:

Step 1:

The first thing you have to do is set up the accessory categories you want. These are built and set up once, but can be changed later.

Here you enter the types of accessories you know you will need (e.g. extra equipment, spare parts, service parts etc.). This is done in the "Accessory category" from the main menu in Quick3. Here you can also add Block type, if, for example, this type of equipment is to have a specific block type on the order.

In our demo webshop, it looks like this, for example:

Connection via the Makes- and Model Register:

Go to the Makes- and model register. Select the "node" or model you want to connect equipment to and find the tab called "Items". Here you add the items that fit this specific model and define what type of equipment it is by choosing the correct accessory category.

Here you can also determine the amount required of the different accessories.

Connection via the item card:

Go to the item card of an accessory item that you want to connect to different brands/models. Find the tab called "Fits". From here you can add the brands/models that fit this specific item. Remember to choose the correct accessory category and quantity if this is relevant.


It is good to note that if you link items at a "higher level" in the makes and model register, the accessory items will be linked to brands/models at all underlying levels in the hierarchy.

It is also good to note that accessories that are not web-active will also not appear in the Model Search on the website.


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