How to take care of GDPR and privacy when sending out campaigns

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When sending out targeted advertising and marketing, it is important to ensure that you safeguard the customer's privacy and follow the rules for marketing and GDPR (GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation). In this article, we describe what considerations are important to take when sending out newsletters and campaigns.

You can also read more about how to take care of security, consent and privacy in Quick3 by going to this article:

Sikkerhet, Samtykke og Personvern

Laws and regulations

The Personal Data Act:

The Personal Data Act is a Norwegian law with the purpose of protecting the individual against privacy being violated through the processing of personal data. The act implements the EU's privacy regulation in Norwegian law. The regulation is thus part of the Personal Data Act and applies as Norwegian law.

Marketing Control Act:

The Marketing Act creates a framework for how traders can market their products to consumers and which agreements a trader can enter into with a consumer. The Act also partly regulates the relationship between traders where requirements for good business practice are made.

Campaigns and newsletters

The Campaign module in Quick3 offers many good opportunities to send out information and marketing to your customers. Before making a mass dispatch, it is a good idea to have created a neat and tidy email template for the campaign/newsletter.

Here are some important things to keep in mind before making a dispatch:

  • Make sure you clearly inform on your company's websites about your privacy policy
  • Make sure that the recipient quickly understands who is the sender of the newsletter
  • If the newsletter contains marketing and advertising, it is important to only send it out to those who have given their consent to receive it (tick "Requires consent" in the campaign module)
  • Make sure you clearly state how the customer can withdraw their consent or unsubscribe from future newsletters


If you set up a landing page on the web for signing up to the company's newsletter and campaigns, it is important that customers are referred to and informed about the company's privacy policy. The privacy policy should be easily accessible to everyone on your websites.

On the Norwegian Data Protection Authority's website, you can read more about what a privacy statement should consist of:


The company is obliged to include the possibility of deregistration and unsubscribtion. This is not something you can skip to include. The dispatch should state why the customer receives this newsletter and how the person concerned can opt out of such mailings in the future. By setting up an email template for a campaign/newsletter, you will be able to link directly to the customer's personal consent page. If you link directly to the customer's personal consent page, it should also be stated that the link is personal, and should not be forwarded to others.

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