SMS notification when order is fully picked

Modified on Thu, 14 Sep 2023 at 11:39 AM

In Quick3, you can set up an SMS template that is sent out when orders are fully picked. This means that customers can be notified when the orders are ready for collection. The customer is then sent an SMS with information that the order has been packed and is ready for delivery.

How to set up SMS at full pick-up?

On the settings for order type, there is a column for setting up the SMS template - When fully picked. If you add an SMS template here (where the SMS template has the type "picking list"), orders of this type will automatically be sent as an SMS to the customer when the order has been fully picked.

This is setup is required in order for "SMS (When fully picked)" to work:

  1. An SMS template must be set up for "pick list"
  2. The SMS template must be added to the desired order type
  3. SMS must be activated in Client Configuration

1. Setup of SMS template for "pick list:

First of all, an SMS template of the type "picklist" must be set up. This is done in the menu called "Templates" and further under the "SMS Templates" tab.

Here you create a new template by clicking on + and giving it the type "Pick list".

Enter the desired text to be sent as information to the customer.

Remember to save when you're done.

2. The SMS template is linked to the desired order type

Then go to the main menu and find the tab called "Order type". Here you add the SMS template in the column for SMS (When fully picked) under the order type that goes for Click and collect orders.

Remember to save when this is added.

3. SMS must be activated in the Client Configuration

If this is the first time you have created an SMS template, and SMS has never been sent out from your company before, you must activate SMS sending from Client settings.

Go to Client Configuration and the tab called "Misc". There you enter information about the username and password for sending SMS.

Remember to save.

Once these 3 steps have been completed, the system will automatically send an SMS to the customer when orders of this type have been fully picked.

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