Activate sell out by using Item adjustment

Modified on Thu, 14 Sep 2023 at 09:37 AM

In the webshop, you can have items that disappear from the web when the item is sold out. This can be controlled in the settings on the product card. If, for example, you have started the webshop module and already have a large inventory in Quick3, this will be a big task to correct manually if you want to activate this. When using item adjustment, this will be much easier since you can handle a larger quantity of items at once. Item adjustment can be found in the main menu under "items".

On the item card, you will find "Sell Out" in settings. 


In the example below, we have an item with 0 in stock, and we see that "Sell Out" is not ticked. The item will then be visible as "sold out" in the webshop. By activating "Sell Out", the item will be removed from the webshop when sold out.

In item adjustment, you can choose between a number of criteria to retrieve a selection of items you wish to adjust. This could be, for example:, suppliers, product groups, item numbers or stock locations. In addition to choosing criteria for selecting a selection of items, you must also choose which adjustments are to be made. To the right of the criteria we find adjustments, and this is where we choose to activate "Sell Out".

When criteria have been filled in and adjustments have been selected, press "Get selection". Then in the selection tab you will get items that match the criteria that have been filled in. By then clicking on Preview, you will in most cases see how the adjustment will look. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Sell Out. Finally click on Start. The adjustment will then be completed and the items will be updated. Then the box will be ticked in the Settings on the item card for the items that have been adjusted.

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