Activate a large amount of items for web in one operation

Modified on Fri, 04 Aug 2023 at 10:20 AM

There are several ways to make a large amount of items web-active in the same process. You can activate a number of products from the item search, or you can use Item adjustment for this purpose.

Item adjustment

By using Item adjustment, you can make adjustments to a quantity of items in one operation. Item adjustment can be found in the main menu under items.

In Item adjustment, you choose the criteria that are suitable for retrieving the selection of products you want to make web-active.

This can, for example, be entire item groups, items from one spesific supplier or items with specific item numbers.

In the example below, we have retrieved a item group called "Test". This consists of three items that are not web-active.

We will now use Item Adjustment to make these three items web-active at the same time. 

  1. Open Item adjustments
  2. Choose item group "Test" as an criteria on the left side 
  3. Tick the box for including "Active" and "Not webactive"
  4. Tick the box for "Activate webactive" on the right side, under Adjustments 
  5. When the desired criteria and adjustments have been selected, click on "Get selection", and open the Selection tab.

Under the tab called Selection you will now see the three items that is placed in the "Test" item group. Then press "Preview" to see the changes we have selected.

Under the Preview tab we now see that the "web-active" column has been highlighted in red and the boxes have been ticked. Press "start" to start the item adjustment.

If we now enter the item group, and look at the tab "Items", we see that they are now web-active.

Item search

You can use the item search to perform simple operations including activating/deactivating items for the web.

You can pick up a selection of items by using the advanced search. 

In the example below, we search for the item group "Test".

Here we see that the items are active, but not web-active. To enable these items for web, we go to the menu in the top right corner and select "Activate webactive"

The activation of the items for web will take place immediately, and you can see that the items have been checked off for web-active.

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