Articles are in many cases organized in groups that we call article groups. These groups are superior and can contain several articles. On the web, these groups of articles can be presented/displayed in different ways. 

For example, they can be presented by showing the article groups name with an arrow in the menu bar at the top, or as a heading with an underline in the footer.

To create an article group, go to the main menu --> article groups --> and press the plus sign in the top right corner.

In Quick3, two article groups have been created automatically - "Info" and "Customer service". These two are displaying in each column in the footer. Under each of these you can add one or more articles.


When you create an article group, there are fields that must be filled in. The fields that are important to fill in when creating an article group are:

Code: Name, possibly code of the article group. The code is only visible in Quick3.

Name: The article group heading that appears on the website.

Section(s): Determines where the group will be placed on the website. In the automatically created article groups, sections are set to "footer".

Priority: Determines the order of the groups, from left to right.

An article group can be placed in several places on the website at the same time, for example both the menu bar and the footer. This is done by unchecking both "footer" and "menu" (possibly "menu_start" or "menu_end") in sections.

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