All information in the webshop is organized in articles and article groups. These can be placed in various places on the page. Examples of this are in the menu bar at the top, in banners/carousels and in the footer. You can also create news articles to appear directly on the front page, or place them anywhere else you wish.

The auto-generated articles only need your custom content to be ready to use. What is important to watch out for here is the following:

  1. The order you want the articles to be in (priority)
  2. The text itself (can be displayed in different ways)
  3. Pictures (can also be displayed differently)

To add new articles, go to the main menu --> Article search --> and push the plus sign in the top right corner.

A new article will then open to which you can add content.

Tab description:

Body text: The title of the article is entered in the "title" field. The main text is entered in the large empty field in the text editor. You can make the content more dynamic by adding different article headings, images, links, etc.

Excerpt: A small excerpt that comes between the title and main text. This text is being highlighted on the web. Corresponds to the preamble of a newspaper article.

Item groups: Here you can associate one or more item groups that you want the article to display on.

Article groups: Here you can link one or more article groups you want the article to display in.

Schema: Here you can attach a form. For example, for customer service, or booking a workshop appointment. The article content will be at the top, and the associated form will be at the bottom of the article.

File explorer: Here you can enter images that you want to use as, for example, a banner, image in the introduction, or that you want to retrieve in the main text.

How do add an article in the footer*

In the standard templates that are created in advance, there is an article with contact information, where the text is displayed directly without the need to open the article. This type of display is defined by sections if the article settings at the top being set to footer. (See the picture below).


If you have several websites for different target groups on the same Quick3 client (for example one for B2B and one for B2C) the different webshops will be organized in profiles. These can have different design expression, and they can also have different content. If you leave profile blank in the article settings, the article will be displayed on all company profiles.

Article Group

Under the Article groups tab, you control which article group(s) the article should be published under. You can read more about how to create article groups and their properties here.

* Footer can be found at the bottom of the website, and contains contact information and other information that is necessary to create trust between you as a company and the customers (eg sales conditions, privacy, returns and complaints information).

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