In Quick3, you can add images and text to an item group in the webshop as you wish.

Add text

On item groups you can add text for enrichment. To add text, go to the "Web texts" tab on the item group. By pressing the + sign, you get an empty row where you can decide the text type and language. Similar to the enrichment of items, there are two types of text that are commonly used; short description and web description.

Short description

A short description appears on the overview of item group, and inside the item group itself. In the example below, we see that the item groups under the category "Bekledning" have both an image and informative text in addition to the item groups name. Under short description, you can write a short sentence that is catchy and informative for the item group, to lead people in to read more.

Within the item group itself (here: Jackets), the short description will be what you see marked in yellow below:

Web description

Web description is only displayed within the item group in the webshop, and will be placed below the short description. Here you can write in more detail about the item group. In the example below, you see the web description below the short description (marked in yellow).

Add image

To add an image, go to the "File explorer" tab of the item group in Quick. When you enrich a item group with an image, you can only display one image in the webshop, unlike items where you can add several. Remember to check that the box is ticked on to be web-active.

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