In order for customers who shop in the webshop to receive order confirmation, the system must be activated to send order confirmation and an email template for order confirmation must be set up.

First of all, check that you have activated the sending of order confirmation. You can check this in the Client Configuration, under the miscellaneous tab.

To set up an order confirmation template, go to the main menu and select Templates

Then go to the "Email Templates" tab and create a new template by clicking the + in the top right corner.

You now get the option to edit the content of the template. By immediately selecting "Type: Webshop order confirmation" (see field marked in yellow above), the standard choices will be changed and adapted to a webshop order confirmation setup. Here you can add standardized fields that automatically retrieve and fill in the information for the specific order/customer.

By using these standardized fields on the right-hand side, you minimize the risk of errors, and you don't have to go back and change the template if, for example, some of the company information changes.

Here it is also possible to add the company's logo by uploading it via file explorer.

Remember to save the changes by clicking "Save" in the upper right corner when you have finished changing the template.

TIP! We also recommend setting up an email in blind copy (BCC), so that you can more easily capture webshop orders. If you have a specific person who will handle orders from the webshop, or you have a dedicated e-mail address for the webshop, this can be entered as a BCC. An e-mail will then be sent every time a customer makes a purchase in the webshop.