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The menus in the Quick3 Webshop can be built by using:

  • A item group hierarchy
  • An article group
  • A single article

How to build a menu using an item group hierarchy:

In the Quick3 main menu under Items you can find Item group hierarchy:

In this interface, you can drag-and-drop item groups to build up the structure of the menu for webshop. The green tick means that the item group is web-active. In addition to the item group being web-active, it must contain at least one product or a subgroup to appear in the webshop.

Here, the user has taken several item groups and "dragged" them down to be sub-groups of "Clothing":

This is the same groups as you will find under the tab Sub groups inside the item group:

This is how the menu-structure are created in Quick3 and in the webshop it will look like this:

If you do not want "Shoes and boots" as a subgroup, it can be dragged to the top level (as "Clothing" is), then the two menu options are equated:

It will then look like this in the webshop:

How to build a menu using an article group:

In addition to entering the "item group hierarchy" to set up menu structure, you can also add article groups and articles to the menu.

In the main menu in Quick3 you will find "article search" and "article groups" under the category webshop. These articles and article groups cannot be ticked for "web-active" because they are already web-active. That is because the use of article groups and articles are not used for any other purpose than to be published on the web.

An article group is a collection of articles that can be placed in various places on the website. For example, one and the same article group can be located both in the main menu at the top and in the footer at the same time.

Here, for example, we have created an article group called "Customer service" which contains 3 different articles. This is how the article group looks presented in the menu:

And this is how the same article group looks presented in the footer:

In Quick3, you define where you want the article group to appear by ticking the sections you want, in the main menu of the selected article group.

How to add a single article to the menu:

A single article can be added to the menu by defining inside the article that it should be placed in different sections. If you tick "menu_end", for example, the article will be placed at the end of the main menu, according to the selected priority.

On the website it will then look like this:

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