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To automatically generate an EBM report with Quick3, appropriate settings for each line of code should be done under the "EBM Code Setup" tab. For each section, settings are made using different "Filter types". The Report groups setting was implemented by the Quick Systems team for the Harley-Davidson pilot client in the next way:

  • Sales (GL account, Dimensions, Entity state). 
  • Stock (Dimensions, Customer, Entity state, Age). 
  • Parts (Item group EBM code, Accounting rule, Order type).
  • Service (Accounting rule, Order type, Posting type, Item group).
  • Finance (GL account, Dimensions, Entity state). 

To configure some codes, applying all "Filter types" mentioned above may be necessary, and for some only one. If all are correctly configured for each line of code, Quick3 will generate all values automatically as requested. The above Report groups correspond to the following sections for the EBM report:

  • Sales – Sales
  • Stock – Stocks 
  • Service – Service 
  • Parts – Parts (Parts & Accessories)
  • Finance – Overheads, Headcount, Company Summary

However, if there is a need for some codes to use a different report group, this can be done. 

- - - - - - - - - 

Example. While working with the Harley-Davidson pilot client, some codes in the sections “Parts” and “Service” required Filter types that were not available for the "Parts" and "Service" Report groups.  In this case, we used the Report group “Finance”, which let us use the necessary types of filters that are not available for the "Parts" and "Service" Report groups.

- - - - - - - - -

Before generating the EBM report, it is necessary to check the settings under the "EBM Report setup" tab according to which data should be included in the generated EBM report. The following data columns must be included in the Harley-Davidson EBM report:

  • Report code (the code as added in the "EBM Code setup" tab).
  • Report code description (the code description as added in the "EBM Code setup" tab).
  • Value YTD (the value generated from January to the requested period).
  • Value period (the value generated for the requested period - month).
  • GL period (the period the report has been requested for).

In the first column “Column order” we define in which column of the EBM report file each column of generated data will be placed (starting from 0). For example, according to the EBM Code setup for the Harley-Davidson pilot client (Image 1.1) the first column of the report will be “Report code” (Column order = 0); in the second - "Report code description", etc. You can change the order of the columns that will be displayed in the EBM report by simply changing the column numbers.

To generate an EBM report, you must enter the year and month in the "Period" field as shown in Image 1.1 (without any additional punctuation marks) and click the "Generate EBM report" button. 

Image 1.1 

As a result, the EBM report will be generated for the period from January inclusive to the month that was specified in the "Period" field for the "Value YTD" column (Table 1.1). It is important to remember that the code lines that include the accounts of assets and accounts receivable value for the period will also include the value from the previous year. 


Value period
Value YTD

Table 1.1

After the EBM report generation message appears, the document can be viewed and downloaded under the "File explorer" tab as shown in Image 1.2:

Image 1.2  

Generating data for allocated blocks requires a good allocation of all Harley-Davidson values from the general/total values, which has not yet been achieved in the Harley-Davidson pilot client. Therefore, none of the Allocated values will be filled from Quick3. If allocated values cannot be generated from Quick3 based on the company's activity for the period, then they can be calculated in Composite.

The generated EBM report can be downloaded as an Excel file for further work (Image 1.3):

Image 1.3

Review the following articles about the settings of each Report group: 

EBM Code setup for the "Sales" – Harley-Davidson Setup Guide

EBM Code setup for the "Stock" – Harley-Davidson Setup Guide

EBM Code setup for the "Service" – Harley-Davidson Setup Guide

EBM Code setup for the "Parts" – Harley-Davidson Setup Guide

EBM Code setup for the "Finance" – Harley-Davidson Setup Guide

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