On the item card in Quick3, you can enrich the product itself with image(s) and text to give the customer relevant information about the product in the webshop.

Add item text

To add item description, go to the "Web texts" tab on the item card in Quick3. There you press the + sign to create a new row. In the empty, new row, you first click in under type. The type defines what kind of text you want to display on the item. The two most commonly used text-types are "short description" and "web description".

Short description

Short description is displayed both at item group and item level, and is usually a short sentence that says something about the item(s). This comes as an addition to the item name. The purpose of the short description is to entice the reader in to read more about the item(s). On the images below, you can see how the short description is displayed at item group level and item level.

At item group level:

On the item itself:

Web description

In the web description of an item, you can fill in all the information you want, and is visible on the item itself. In Quick3, you can format the text with headings, lists, etc. to get it the way you want.

The web description looks like this on the item card in the webshop:

Add image(s)

You can add one or more photos to your items, depending on what you want. You add images by going to the File explorer tab of the item. There you can drag and drop the picture(s) you want to add, or add one from the filebank. It is important to tick the box for the image(s) to be web-active in order for them to be visible in the webshop. If you have added several images and want them to be displayed in a specific order, add numbers in the priority box. (Note that in Quick3 0 comes before 1 in priority).